What is the Norse Mentality?

There seems to be a misconception among the general public that the Norse were brutes who only desired to dominate other peoples. While the typical Norseman could be an absolute brute, an absolute brute is not all he was. The average Norseman also understood the value of sacrifice to enable a better future and the courage and self-discipline required to see it through. 

It was near impossible to simply murder your way to the top of the typical Norse social structure. If all you did was murder, then all you would ever be is a murderer, and that’s clearly not...

How An Open Mind Can Make You Stronger

Written for Norse Fitness by Anthony Oliveira.

“Wow. Look at that douche doing hammer curls."

“You see that clown eating out of a tupperware? Settle down, Arnold."

“Yeah, cool lacrosse ball and foam roller... better make sure you're mobile you fuckin’ goof.”

We've all been guilty of either saying things close to these or laughing when our training partner has. The common feeling within the strength community be it powerlifting, strongman, or even olympic lifting is that if it isn‘t something generally used in our sport it must be stupid and lame. And while I will be the first to...

How Technology Is Making You Weak

Written by: Brendan Beaulieu

We live in an age that has quickly been foisted upon us that all but encourages quick, dispassionate interaction, dropping likes and hearts and comments like candy.  It’s a fact that if you look at friend and follower counts, our social circles cover a much wider spread than ever.  It is also a fact that the typical human cannot be truly happy without social interaction.  There’s a reason solitary confinement is a legitimate punishment for lawbreakers.

Why is it, then, that despite all this socializing so many of us are so...

The Reason Victims Never Win

Written for Norse Fitness by: Brendan Beaulieu

There is no shortage of evil on planet Earth.  Genocide, rape, disease, and starvation run rampant and there seems to be no end in sight.  In the moments we sit back believing peace has finally come to the human race there is someone plotting to throw us back into chaos.  Whether we like it or not, we are forced to participate in this ebb and flow of darkness.  The only reason this pattern exists is because we think we are powerless against it.  Far too many...

Why You Should Earn Respect Instead of Buying it

Written by: Cornelius Parkin

The fitness industry has changed hugely over the past ten years. In some ways it has been very positive, such as the insurgence of females into the weight lifting sections of the gym. In the early 2000s it would have been very rare to see a woman doing deadlifts or building her emphasis on building muscle in general as it seemed more acceptable for women to stay in the cardio room and leave the weight training to the men instead. Popular female figures, both within the fitness industry and regular mainstream society, encouraged...