How to Control Confidence to Gain Success

How to Control Confidence to Gain Success

Confidence is the key to success. Regardless of the task at hand - you will get further if you have an overwhelming amount of morale

The downside of confidence is that it can often become the breeding ground to ego - which can do the complete opposite of creating success and destroy everything that you worked so hard to obtain.

So how do we create self-confidence while also remaining humble? How do we acknowledge our accomplishments without basking in our own glory?

Confidence is built by success - the more success and accomplishments that we achieve, the more confidence that we will obtain.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let's take a step back and look at the roots of success.

The word itself derives from the Latin word, successus "an advance, succession, happy outcome," which is derived from succedere "come after".

A closer examination will allow us to understand that the word itself means to approach an obstacle and to overcome it. In its original context, it can be believed that the obstacle was a throne and the task at hand was to successfully overcome the throne. To take possession and become powerful.

The world has seen remarkable rulers - individuals that came from nothing and ended up ruling entire areas. Most of these rulers had the same downfall - if you guessed ego then you are correct. Confidence allows us to take control of a situation and obtain power. When power is obtained we become hungry and put ourselves above others. We lose our likable and humble personality and start to become hated. Regardless of your higher position - you will always be outnumbered. When outnumbered by the masses and greatly disliked there is only one certain outcome and it's never positive.

It's important to remind yourself of past victories - this is what keeps the fire alive. This fire is what allows you to hit the ground running and to attack the day with absolute fury. Now, take these victories and combine them with sincere gratitude. What got you here? Who has supported you? Who has helped you get to this point? When we take a step back to remind ourselves of these stepping stones, it's almost impossible to focus solely on yourself. With every accomplishment - you must make it a point to meet it with a helpful gesture towards someone else.

This is what keeps us grounded and locks away our internal ego (our inevitable downfall). Do not over-focus on past triumphs - you must always look ahead and focus on a way to do better than before. Wake up every morning and figure out how you will provide actual value to this world. It's a proven fact that the more experience you have - the more confident you will become. So bust ass and fine tune your talents. DO NOT just be another wasted soul that is simply coasting through life. Success is yours for the taking but you only have one chance, now believe in yourself and go make an impact.

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