The “Lone Wolf Mentality” Is Holding You Back

The “Lone Wolf Mentality” Is Holding You Back

We’ve all seen the strength athlete that makes analogies to a lone wolf, a lion, or some alpha primate, regardless of how inaccurate that self-comparison may be. And we can accept the reality that often, this journey needs to be taken alone. The truth, however, is this mindset can be a very isolating (and needlessly dramatic) approach to life, and that to really succeed, you need a circle – a family, a pack- that embraces each other’s strengths and seeks to eliminate shortcomings.

What, and who, do you identify with? Are you building a circle of individuals that want what you want? Or do you find yourself among those that only want to better themselves – without regard for how they get there? Outside of everyday life, and fulfilling a baseline standard of living, what do you stand for?

You are not your job or profession. Having a profession is a necessity, but it doesn’t give you purpose. You are not your possessions. Status symbols can be bought. Strength is the one attribute that is universally respected, yet increasingly rare to obtain.

Make a stronger meaning a priority. Building strength, and in a broader sense, building a fulfilling life, is more than just showing up and following the status quo.

Finding your purpose – be that a short term goal, or lifelong journey – will be much less overwhelming, and infinitely more attainable, when done alongside people of the same mindset. Seek out the people with the same vision. When you find that the pack you run with has the same goals, and want to see you succeed as much as themselves, you’re on the right path.

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