Your Idea of Perfection is a Fantasy

Your Idea of Perfection is a Fantasy

We have all had moments of false glory, happiness that is in fact stripped from our hands. The culprit, however, is the one glaring at us back in the mirror hungry for more. If you are reading this then you more than likely accept the idea that every time that morning light shines into your bedroom, is another day to push past the preconceived notions of your abilities. If you are in fact hitting your goals every day and embracing the feeling of satisfaction, you are inadvertently failing. You need to look at every new dawn as another day to break through your plateaus. So many know the feeling of being content all too well. Once it draws you in, it’s difficult to break free of its comfortable grip. Searching for greatness daily is tiring, difficult, and often painful. For you see, however, that’s the beauty in it. Those negative sensations, in reality, let you know you’re still alive. A large majority of people live in this drone-like status where they sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep, and rinse/repeat. Where’s the desire to want more out of life? Where’s the hunger for eviscerating your goals? Where’s the tenacity for relentlessly attacking whatever attempts to get in your way?

For many, their flame flickered out like a stove on its last ember. For whatever reason, whether it be a newborn, new job, or whatever other excuse they can drum up...their heart died. In its place stands an empty husk which once housed their dreams, goals, and endless possibilities. In the macro of things, some can lose humility which could have led to their internal death as well. When looking to complete a task, goal, or dream you need to stay humble and in the present at all times. The moment you steer off course for the new “fad” or the new snake oil salesman, is the moment you’ve lost your purpose. You need to understand that goal setting whether in the gym, business, or life, in general, takes time and patience. These are two constants that many ignore because it’s “hard” or because they “need a life change right now.” Due to this, they give up on their goals only after a few months at best. Folks, this is an eternal process where seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is consistent. Getting to the end of that tunnel, however, will only occur once you have passed from this life. If you get to it while still living, it means you’ve saddled up with being mediocre for the remainder of your time here on this floating rock.

It’s the chase that should drive you, the process of grinding through those last few reps, phone calls, or meetings. Staying up late reading, planning and executing on your potential new business venture is crucial for fluid success as well. Avoid comfort at all costs, regardless of what your friends/family tell you it’s a poison that will utterly destroy your forward drive. Those who do state they’re comfortable, are bold face lying to your face. They may be able to pull off the fake smiles and handshakes but at some point, the rest of the world will know the truth. Everyone is capable of so much if they just constantly stoked their internal fire in order to stay unsatisfied. Attaining perfection is nothing short of a fantasy. To believe that where you’re currently at in life is “just fine,” is, in turn, admitting that you’re ok with being forgotten and leave nothing worthy to be remembered by.

Written by: Ian Strimbeck

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