The Solution is Found by Looking Inward

The Solution is Found by Looking Inward

What do we do when there are no gods to worship? No one to idolize or model ourselves after? What do we do when there’s no one or anything left but ourselves? Do we give up the on the ideals that motivated us to self-actualize and carve ourselves out of the stone that was laid before us? Or, do we look inward and see that we are the gods that have walked this earth for centuries? That we are everything we seek externally to remain on a kinetic trajectory through life. That we are everything the gods referenced. That we are the all-encompassing matter of the universe that makes it exist.

I have learned that there is no greater feeling than to rid myself of the responsibility I put on others to fulfill my needs… My voids. My feelings of scarcity… The relinquishment of external gratification to fulfill the thoughts and ideas that I am not complete, in some capacity, is a journey worth enduring. If our ideas of wholeness, completeness, fulfillment, etc. needs to be compensated for with things or people, we are greatly avoiding the potential that we each have to fulfill those needs and desires by rearranging our thoughts. What we think that we lack internally, we will seek externally.

Ask yourself, when has using someone or something to fill a void ever benefited you in the long term? When has it worked out in the way you thought that it would? Now ask yourself, when you have not tried to seek wholeness, but rather noticed that it came unexpectedly, how did you feel? We seek because we think we are incomplete. Incompleteness is just an idea. An idea, usually, based off of how we have felt about ourselves based off of what someone told us that we are. An idea implanted usually in the vulnerable years of childhood. We seek to fill that incompleteness with everything that we are told will complete us. Yet, it remains an idea. A thought. A spectacle of our imagination.

So, I ask again, when the external tools we use to battle this idea that we aren’t whole seem to no longer work, what is left? The individual responsibility of looking inward and noticing that you have never been incomplete. When we change our thoughts, we change our reality. How we see ourselves is how we see our world… our own universe. How do you see yourself? How do you see your own little world? How is that working out for you?

Written By: Kasey Pipitt

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