Primal Brain: Can You Go There?

Primal Brain: Can You Go There?

That space where time does not exist.
The moments of clarity without thought.
The calm & the rage.
A cleansing of the day to day clutter.

These times can be found in different areas of the mind at different times.

The biggest “Zen” moments I’ve ever had have been during fight training & competition, real life-threatening situations, meditation in the highlands of Scotland, envisioning and forging a mental path into my future, and prior to max effort lifts.

Sometimes it’s calm and time for contemplation, assessment & seeing the bigger picture.

Sometimes it’s scary, something bad might happen, but you are driven towards it.
It must happen.

You must overcome it.

This is a part of the mind we should all experience and conquer.

Training this prepares you for whatever may come your way, whether that be a simple challenge, remaining calm in certain situations, or releasing the savage within.

Some friends and I call this space
“God time”.

Call it what you wish, but find it you must.

See it as a way to view the bigger picture when it comes to envisioning the path that you are on and where it is taking you.

This fitness thing is much more than just workouts & macros, it’s a vehicle towards your human potential.

Written By: Ethan / @iron_will_pt

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