How to Start Living With Purpose

Written By: Tim Williams
In 2017, we as the human race have one common goal: convenience. An endless quest to make our lives easier. The privilege of the modern age makes us disconnected and weak. I think of having to start a fire when I want to get warm. I think of how I choose everyday to drive to the gym and lift weights. I think of people dying in hospital beds of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. I...

Find Strength in Solitude

We live in the era of assertion. Dictations about yourself and your life through social media and intermittent social gatherings can warp and characterize an exterior perspective of yourself. We love to paint ourselves in warm yellow light. Often these things are our exaggerations. We’re going to do everything. We just haven’t started yet. We become jokes of ourselves. We become ideas perpetuated and reiterated from one another. All forms of personality, passion, and conclusion from the mouths of our betters. The power of solitude completely lost, we seek compensation for work we haven’t done. We seek validation...

Lessons of The Past

Thanksgiving marks a brief time of year where people look to the past to reflect upon their lives and appreciate all that they have.  It’s also a time for people to examine their history to see what has lead their society and culture to its current juncture - to not only be proud of the highs but also acknowledge and learn from the lows.  

To be aware of your people’s history and learn from it is to be strong.  Unfortunately, there are far too many individuals who refuse to do so; they willingly pull the wool over...

The Deciding Factor

There’s simply one thing that will remain the main deciding factor on excelling in a strength sport or being able to maintain a physique that you desire.  


Every single new guy in the gym wants to rage on how freaking hardcore they show out. They claim they lift hurt, they lift without safeties in places, they don’t de-load, they just rub on whatever hurts (possibly foam roll) and hit it hard all again.  Bragging about how bad-ass this makes them.  

Suddenly a year later their...