Are You an Asset or a Liability?

Are You an Asset or a Liability?

In my profession I have one basic goal, to create a positive transformation in others through confidence building. My so-called conduit for doing so is through self-preservation education. Now, this may or may not be the correct demographic for this topic, but I do feel that anyone who purposely destroys their former self in the weight room consistently understands the inherent benefit of being stronger than your adversary. In my various classes, I pose one persistent question to my students, “Are you an asset or a liability?”

Whether it’s a loved one, child, or friend, everyone in the class raises their hand claiming they’re an asset to those they’re in charge of. However, as the day unfolds and they’re safely pushed past their breaking point, they quickly see they are in fact NOT an asset. This is a turning point for the majority of my clients and a hard pill for them to swallow at that. Imagine living your life vividly imagining and believing with all of your being that you’re one thing, then quickly finding out you are in fact not that thing at all? People use different terminology to describe the aforementioned such as “ego check,” “gut check,” or “humbler.” Regardless of what you want to call it, the end goal is the same…to change your belief in your personal abilities.

This can rarely be done without outside forces. If you wrote your own programming for the gym, it probably would only be stuff you know you could accomplish. You need to have programming written for you by others in order to push past your plateau. On the mats, you need to have training partners that won’t always roll “light” with you. On the range, having a buddy with you to invoke that competitive spirit will push you into the unknown. Better yet, going to a training class will show you what you need to work on under a watchful eye. In business, having associates to help you get a foot in the door and network will assist in your overall growth. Nobody can truly attain unlimited growth without others by their side. Some claim the “lone wolf” mentality, but the reality is that the growth of their goals will be stunted due to their unhealthy ego and inability to swallow their pride.

When the programming is written, the start of the roll has commenced, the timer has gone off to draw your pistol, or you're initiating the handshake of a new business venture the end state needs to remain the same. Only through making your goals bigger than yourself can you truly attain greatness, happiness, and success in this life. The world is only as big as you view it. If you live in a bubble where everything revolves around you, you’ll have a limited view of what’s possible. However, on the opposite spectrum, if you live in the macro at the 1,000 foot view your opportunities for growth and prosperity are absolutely infinite. Live strong, live humbly, and make sure to leave your mark wherever your travels take you.

Written By: Ian Strimbeck

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