Is Your Ego Holding You Back?

Is Your Ego Holding You Back?

By definition, ego is the conscious mind, the part of the identity that you consider your “self."

Is it working for your benefit, or is it getting in the way?

Typically ego is displayed with an elevated sense of self-importance, grandiosity, and an inflated level of confidence. To be clear, negative self-worth is equally damaging. Maintaining a realistic self-image is important, and everyone wants to see themselves in a positive light.

After all, we are the heroes of our own story.

It’s important to be mindful of both sides of the spectrum because they can look dangerously similar. If you believe you’re at the pinnacle of your own ability, incapable of reaching a higher level of self-improvement, chances are you’re wrong. There will always be someone with more talent, more work ethic, more skill, and - most importantly - more that you can learn from.

Make it a mission to learn from those around you, share your experiences, and find meaning in your actions. Confidence is a sign of strength. Ignorance is a sign of weakness.

High ego individuals will find excuses for why those they consider their competition didn’t earn their status. Low ego individuals will see other people’s success as a crushing defeat before they begin. Accepting exactly where you are in your progress is the key. You are your only competition. You are your only enemy. Become your own ally.

Ego will lie to you. It will say “I have always done it this way” and deprive you of chances to improve. Or worse “You’ve never been able to do this, people will see you fail, so don’t bother starting.” Either way, it will hold you back from what you’re capable of, and if you’re honest with yourself, your own mindset is to blame.

Never be afraid to fail. Never be afraid to start. And if you think there’s nothing more you can learn, humble yourself and push ego aside. You are the one writing your story, make it worthwhile. Take inventory of what you stand for, accept things as they are, and if your ego fights back, fight harder and persevere.

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