Why Self Discipline Is Better Than Motivation

Why Self Discipline Is Better Than Motivation

What will you do when motivation starts to decline? We all have a goal in mind – get stronger, push boundaries, break through plateaus, and become the best version of ourselves. But success leaves a trail, and what separates successful people from the pack is finding discipline when motivation fails.

Motivation is external and temporary. Granted, a brief burst of inspiration can be the catalyst, but it’s critical to build toward the long term. Discipline is internal, and more importantly, indifferent. Discipline means doing what needs to be done, regardless of how you felt when the idea was fresh in your mind. 

The novelty of chasing a new goal can wear off – it’s challenging, it takes effort and consistency, and sometimes the idea of kicking your own ass isn’t as appealing as it once was. This is where discipline takes over. Have you improved? Are you better than yesterday? The key is to find structure, stick to a plan, and execute even when progress begins to stall. Having a reason – a purpose – will carry you towards it.

Ask yourself how will your goals carry over to other aspects of your life?  How will this version of yourself help those around you? When you see success, how will you measure it? Once you know WHY, you’ll find the discipline to push toward the finish line. 

Lastly, surround yourself with people who push you to succeed. Invest in their progress, learn from each other’s mistakes, and cut out the rest. Find people on the same path and evolve with them. Remember: anyone CAN, but very few WILL.

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