Triumph From Defeat: Why Failure Isn't All Bad

Triumph From Defeat: Why Failure Isn't All Bad

Take a look at any success story over the course of recorded history and you’ll find that it wasn’t developed overnight. It also sure as shit wasn’t without its batches of failures and losses either. Everyone sees the big spotlight on successful careers and what was accomplished, but no one takes a look at what it took to get there. It’s easy to pass over the months of failures, eating rice because it’s cheap, selling possessions to get by, scrutinized by your so-called “friends,” or limited sleep because of the fear of quitting keeps you up. These uncomfortable things, these difficult aspects of goal execution, is what molds and makes up truly great men. It is due to these external pressures that the average is forged into the extraordinary. Only once you’ve lived down in the trenches, in the places of sorrow and despair, can you truly appreciate being able to live your passion every day.

The majority of the Hollywood “elites” you’ll see in their designer clothes and mansions are some of the unhappiest and miserable people you’ll ever meet. Why? Some have lost their “why,” and now they’re in too deep to even think about having a normal life again. Much fame and money can be gained from fake smiles and cheap handshakes, but you can only do it for so long before it tears you to pieces. True and authentic happiness can only be developed from rising from the ashes like the fiery Surt battling on the day of Ragnarok. Once you’ve lived through losing everything any success, no matter how small, is a win. Due to how their childhood and past experiences, some allow the fear of failure envelop their lives. They look at it as the end, where failure will never be an option because they can’t swallow a big fucking helping of “Adversity.”

I’m here to tell you, in the beginning, you won’t like the taste of it. It’ll make your stomach ache and you make get a little sick, but after a while, you’ll learn to enjoy it. If you refuse, however, your passion will starve and die. Little by little, bit by bit, your defeats will build on you like an impenetrable suit of armor. By living and working in this calcified state of being, you’ll easily slay and eviscerate every shred of fear and insecurity. Every time you’re knocked down by a self-induced failure you’ll smile and grin because you know you stay on your knees for no one. Eventually, you’ll develop a refined taste for “Adversity.” You’ll welcome its gritty texture, bold flavor and hearty full body.

At some point, going through a day without failing at something will become inexcusable, weak even. Searching for new ways, methods, or techniques to complete something will develop into a habit, remaining stagnant and comfortable will be removed from your vocabulary. In the end, once the dust settles and the smoke clears, you can either be a victim of your circumstances or stand tall preparing to continue the fight because you understand that success is an aggregate of losses.

Written by: Ian Strimbeck

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