Push Beyond Your Limits and Achieve Your Full Potential

Push Beyond Your Limits and Achieve Your Full Potential

Most of us have an unspoken reason for pushing ourselves to our limits over and over again. A reason that strongly resonates with them. For some, it’s an outlet, a challenge, an adrenaline rush. Others find it’s a way to channel aggression, a form of therapy or meditation, a way to calm their demons.

So why do it? 

For many, it’s a necessity. It’s become a mindset - a conscious choice to destroy ourselves for the better. To tear ourselves down, rebuild, and do it again with more intensity than the day before. 

Life can be chaos if you allow it. Why not take control of your own actions, and devote yourself to becoming everything you’re capable of? The average person seems content to coast through life without finding out what they could be. Refuse to be part of the norm.

On the other side of the norm, there’s an unfortunate misconception among the strength culture - or lifters in general - that they’re selfish, ignorant, angry and unpredictable. A faux masculine, alpha mentality of importance and entitlement. This is the opposite of what we should strive for. 

True strength doesn’t have to announce itself or proclaim its presence to anyone. Strength is a level of confidence, not arrogance. A personal discovery of acceptance, not complacency. We accept that this pursuit is a lifelong process and that it’s worth every ounce of effort we put towards it. 

We know the consequence of choosing weakness. We’ve lost people to addiction, seen people ruin their lives and self destruct, watched toxic relationships fall apart. Self-sabotage is unacceptable. We all have our own trauma, pain, and loss. Some avoidable, some self-inflicted, and some because life is unpredictable. Life doesn’t pick favorites. But you always have a choice.

The one constant in your life, the one thing we all have control over, can always be found in pushing yourself to improve. Strength is our sanctuary, where we feel at home. It’s as if each set, each attempt to break yourself down buys another 24 hours. The most rewarding moments in life have come from this, and from finding those that are on the same path. 

Strength is a mindset. Strength is a choice.

Physical strength is simple, but far from easy. After all, it’s just adding weights to a bar. It’s not a particularly noble cause, it doesn’t make us a savage or a warrior or a martyr. It’s not a sacrifice, it’s a choice. The real lesson here is the mindset, the life-changing realization that you can become more. You are not your environment, you are not your upbringing, you are not defined by anything but your choices. You can choose to become more than your past experiences, more than your excuses, more than you ever thought possible.

And you can wake up and do it all over again.


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