Everything Is Your Fault and Why That's Okay

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When things aren’t going your way, it usually unfolds as a cluster of things. One after the other, after the other, and after the other. It sometimes mimics that scene from Indiana Jones where he’s running away from the giant rolling boulder. The problem is the majority of people that end up in a negative predicament are the first to blame others, the environment, or just simply redirect it somewhere else. The issue with this is that you can only do that for so long until there’s no one left to point at anymore. The other obvious issue is that it’s wasted effort. Instead of seeing who the true culprit is, you’re delaying the inevitable. The sooner you can look in the mirror, swallow your pride, and realize everything that comes your way falls on you, means the quicker you’ll be living a more enriched life.

When sales are down, your boss is up your ass, you keep getting tapped out, or you keep failing to hit your prescribed numbers it becomes frighteningly easy to say, “It’s because of ______.” Screw all of that! Sales are down because you aren’t paying enough attention to the market, your boss is up your ass because you don’t care enough about your job, you keep getting tapped out because you’re allowing emotion to get in the way, and you aren’t hitting your numbers in the gym because you’re walking up to the bar with a feeble mindset. What’s the correlation with all of this? It all points back to YOU. No one wants to admit when they’re wrong, they’ve failed, or they’re weak. However, you need to in order to sustain positive and exponential growth.

Surprisingly enough once you can look yourself in the mirror and say, “I fucked up,” life becomes somewhat calmer. Sure, you obviously have the stressors of fixing the screwup but it gets you fixing that screwup a lot more efficiently than blaming and playing the victim. Take notice next time you see someone blaming others, and you’ll quickly notice their overall unhappiness with life in general. Regardless if they’re family, childhood friends, or co-workers, stay away from these type of people at all costs. They will bring you down and they will suck any/all enjoyment out of your life. Their fuel is misery and misery loves company, so fight against the tide and don’t surrender to their emotional poison.

Your path to greatness and productivity relies directly on your ability to take the punches that failure delivers and keep fighting. Your so-called friends, family, and even the number in your bank account will attempt to derail you from your attempts of being able to live your passion every day. Don’t allow them to have the satisfaction and allow them to beat you. Even when everything is going wrong and all hope seems lost, know that there is always a solution...there is always an escape. It will be difficult, arduous, and downright awful at times, but if you’re able to keep your passion clear and unclouded from outside variables seeing your masterpiece to the end will be as simple as breathing. When you’re in need for someone to blame on your journey, shove a mirror in front of your face.

WRITTEN BY: Ian Strimbeck