Abandon Flag

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Humanity Has Become Weak and Fragile Because We Have Strayed From Our Primitive Roots

We look at people from the past and think that they are ignorant.

But we are the ones who have forgotten how the world truly works.

Your ancestors knew how to live in harmony with nature and the universe.

But we have become completely disconnected from this reality.

As a result, we have created a culture that is absent of genuine morals and values.

Modern culture celebrates mediocrity instead of excellence.

Modern culture seeks comfort instead of exploration.

Modern culture does not support the act of self-improvement.

Modern culture wants you to remain distracted and detached from your higher self.

It is a plague that you must be avoided to reach your true potential.

Abandoning modern culture is the act of detaching yourself from the destructive habits of society.

It is living true to yourself and not following the herd to slaughter.

  • 4'x4' Durable polyester flag
  • Grommets in each corner for easy hanging


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