These Sleeves Will Allow You to Squat Heavier Weights Without Feeling Like Your Knees Are Going to Explode

7mm Knee Sleeves
7mm Knee Sleeves

7mm Knee Sleeves

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Glorious Results From Real Customers

Amazing product, perfect amount of support on the knees. I actually hit a PR my first time using them!

Matthew C.

These are the best sleeves I've owned, hands down. The right amount of compression and support for my 41 year old knees.

Paul C.

After using for few weeks, I am only regretting I did not get them sooner. They help with most my knee pain and I can squat pain free now.

David O.

Great knee sleeves, keep my joints warm and well supported!

Roydon M.

Wanted to try these to replace my old SBDs and I definitely prefer the Norse sleeves now. Great fit, easier to get on. Very solid product from a great company.

Caleb C.

I use these knee sleeves all the time. They’re great. With the right amount of heat and compression, they have helped me regain a good amount of knee stability already and I’ve only had them for a few weeks.

Bryce B.

This Is The Secret Used By:

  • Rúnar Geirmundsson Powerlifting World Champion
  • Foster Parnell Top 5 RAW Powerlifter 125 kg
  • Allison Lockhart 3x Canada’s Strongest Woman
  • ​Heisi Geirmundsson Professional Highland Athlete
  • Chris Davies 6x British Columbia's Strongest Man
  • ​Isaac Maze 2019 World's Strongest Man 105kg
  • Gary Piotrowski 2019 Strongman Corp National Champ 
  • ​Andreas Berg Gustafsson Pro MMA Fighter

And This Is Just A Small Fraction Of Athletes That We Help...

Andy Lewis

CEO & Founder of Norse Fitness

Agonizing Knee Pain Is Something That I Know All Too Well

There was a point in my life that if I kneeled down I couldn't get back up.

I had to have someone help me get back on my feet as if I was a senior citizen.

It was embarrassing.

I knew my knees were bad, but not this bad.

Every time I would squat or go up a flight of stairs, they would make this awful noise. It sounded like a transmission getting caught in-between gears.

Plus, they would randomly give out on me... as if it was some sick joke.

At the time, I was working a job that kept me on my feet all day. 

And had me standing on concrete and lifting things that weighed up to 70+ pounds. 

Doing this all day, every day, put a massive amount of strain on my knees.

And after a long day of beating up my knees at work. I would hit the gym and attempt to workout.

It was my favorite thing to do, but it would always come at a price...

At the bottom of the hole of a squat…

My unstable knees would feel like they were going to explode.

Each rep had me playing Russian Roulette.

Would I come out of the hole and walk? Or would my knees blow out like a tire exploding after smacking a pothole?

When my sessions were over...

I would walk as if I was crippled for the next couple of days. 

This was even happening after extensive warm-ups.

In a moment, you're gonna see how I was able to squat heavy without feeling crippled for days after. 

With this ONE thing, I was able to get my life back!

I was able to walk without shooting pain and...

Easily rep out my old PR's.

Earlier I mentioned, I wasn't able to get up on my own because of my health-nagging knees.


This Was My Wake-Up Call

I was a healthy 25-year-old with the knees of an 80-year-old marathon runner who served in World War 2.

I needed something ASAP to help stabilize and support my knees. 

It was frustrating to think that I wouldn't be able to lift weights and continue working towards my goal of being big enough to fight an adult grizzly bear (yes, that's an actual goal).

So I decided to order a pair of knee sleeves that everyone at the gym was using and...

They cost me an arm and a leg but I was desperate.

Plus, with what they were charging…

I should have gotten more than ONE SLEEVE!

I guess that's on me for not reading the fine print...

When I finally got a full pair... 


It Took Me 20 Minutes To Put On Their Sleeves And I Couldn't Move

They were so stiff.

I mean, I loved the support that they gave me but…

This was too much and it felt like my knees were enclosed in cement.

I could barely walk or put them on.

And when I tried to take them off, the sleeves would give me an unsolicited leg waxing.

I needed something functional.

Something I could go heavy in with confidence and wear for my entire workout. 

And also use them for everyday support.

So I tried a different pair of knee sleeves.

They were from some random brand on Amazon and were actually affordable. Unlike the other hyped-up brands.

And they were surprisingly great.

They provided that perfect functional feel I was looking for.

These sleeves supported and stabilized my garbage knees like nobody's business and I could put them on without it feeling like a workout.

But they tore apart after 2 weeks.

These sleeves couldn't handle a simple training session.

I couldn't believe it.

There seemed to be no happy medium!

It was either pay a small fortune to get overly-stiff knee sleeves that give you cement-like mobility.

Or buy a cheap new pair of sleeves every 2 weeks.

I didn't know which was worse?

And I knew I wasn't the only one with this problem.


So I Decided To Create My Own Pair of Knee Sleeves

A pair of sleeves that give you the best of both worlds. 

You know, that happy medium where they're functional and affordable.

Specifically designed to provide you with stable knee support (even when your ass is close to grass).

And comfortable enough to wear not only for squatting but for everything else as well.

So I did some digging...

And I discovered the #1 problem holding most people back from having quads like Thor.

This shocking discovery was the key to getting rid of that blow-out feeling at the bottom of the hole.

Here in a minute, I'll tell you exactly what was causing this blow-out feeling… 

And it's not what you think!

I used to think that I just had bad genetics with my trash-like knees. 

Kinda like how purebred German Shepherds are infamous for their bad hips.

But, what I didn't realize was that my genetics were not the problem.

And what was causing all this pain.


The Real Reason Why You're Not Getting Any Relief Is Because Your Synovial Folds Are Damaged

The synovial fold damage is often misdiagnosed

Because there are these four small hidden membranes located inside of your knee.

And if you're not a medical expert on knees, they're hard to spot.

Now you're probably wondering: What causes your Synovial Folds to be injured?

Overusing your knees (AKA squatting a lot). Or having some past knee injuries. 

Once I discovered the source of my garbage knees. 

I set out to create the best knee sleeves money could buy.

Because I couldn't live like this anymore.

This is where the Synovial Folds are located inside your knee. As you can see they're hard to spot. Now, do you see how Lifters Knee is often missed by even the most experienced medical professionals?


I’m Going To Be Completely Honest… I Failed 2 Different Times When Designing These Sleeves

The first two attempts at designing knee sleeves were a complete bust.

The original idea was to have one piece of neoprene because I thought that would give the most amount of support...

But they were stiff as bricks and did not move with the natural movement of the knee.

The second one consisted of two different pieces of neoprene.

This was a better option but they were extremely uncomfortable.

So I went back to the drawing board.

I spoke to some of the leading experts in the field and professional athletes. 

They helped me craft the perfect knee sleeve that would set world records for the pros and anyone else determined to reach their full potential.

And these weren't the only sleeves I was doing self-experiments with. 

I was testing out other brands too.

After each test, I would break down the best parts...

  • The material 
  • ​Functionality
  • ​Support
  • ​Design
  • ​And the amount of warmth they provided

To help create the perfect knee sleeve.

With 13+ months of testing prototypes and other knee sleeves…

Along with figuring out what the Navy SEALs were using to keep their bodies warm in freezing cold covert rescue missions.

I was finally able to boil down all the best stuff into one perfect knee sleeve. 

To give us all the support and stability needed when squatting.

Navy SEAL diver's keeping their bodies warm in the cold ocean temperatures with neoprene technology.


The Norse Sleeves Are a Combination Of Everything You Need To Feel Confident At The Bottom Of The Squat

The final prototype was a 3 piece flex-material design that provided support and stability for functional knee movement.

They keep your knees warm, which increases blood flow in your knee so you can lift more while avoiding injury.

The Norse sleeves cover up your knees and legs more than your average brands.

I know what you're thinking, "that's what they all say." 

Now let me ask you this: If they're supposed to do that, why do you have to keep pulling them up?

We got sick and tired of doing this too. So we wanted to put an end to it.

And I'm gonna show you how.

Our 3-piece flex-material design covers your entire knee and more.

We've designed it to fit nice and snug around the way your knees bend and extend. 

There's more science to this, and I'll explain that in a moment. 

But this is how the Norse Sleeves stay locked in place and move with the natural movement of the knee.


These Sleeves Were Created To Solve the #1 Problem Holding Lifters Back From Reaching Their Full Potential

The 3 piece flex-material spread design was made to help support the 3 critical joints that made up the knee. 

Which is also home to the Synovial Folds.

These sleeves increase blood flow circulation and warmth to prevent injuries. 

So when you're wearing the Norse Sleeves, it will be like putting WD-40 on your knees.

They provide the perfect amount of compression built around your knees functionality and mechanics. 

Giving you better movement and mobility while squatting heavy.

So after putting the Norse Sleeves to the ultimate test with my old-man knees… 

I was able to squat heavy without feeling crippled for days after.

Knowing that these knee sleeves worked.

I had my bro's test them out to make sure that I wasn't in denial.

And they loved them.

One of my buddies, Matt, said he had to make sure he had the right amount of weight on the bar. 

Because he shot out of the hole so fast.


For Some Reason, I Felt Like It Wasn’t Enough…

I wanted these sleeves to be world-class.

And for that to happen I needed to help world-class athletes win championships and set world records. 

And after months of going back and forth. Working with these athletes to perfect the product design, we finally did it… 

We helped create:

  • Powerlifting World Champions
  • ​All-time Powerlifter's
  • ​Germany's Strongest Woman
  • ​Canada's Strongest Woman
  • ​British Columbia's Strongest Man

And this is just a small fraction of athletes we help. 

Here are some more amazing world-class athletes we support: 

  • Iceland's 2nd Strongest Man
  • ​#4 All-time 220lb Powerlifter
  • ​Pro Highland Athletes
  • ​Pro-Strongman Athletes

The Norse Sleeves wouldn't be what they are today without the help of these world-class athletes but… 

I still felt like they were missing that world-class status.

And when I thought my high standards would never be met...

We had a firefighter tell us that they were a godsend! Which means everything. 

Because firefighters are everyday heroes, who run into burning buildings to help save people's lives.

Here's what Jason L., the firefighter had to say about the Norse Knee Sleeves:

"I'm a 33-year-old firefighter... whose body has taken a harder than usual beating, and these knee sleeves are a godsend. For the longest, I was scared to go heavy on my squats and dead's because my knees would hurt... these honestly changed my life... Thank you guys, you kept me going." 

This little thank you message meant the world to me because it was...


The Final Piece I Needed To Make The Sleeves World-Class

Why all of a sudden?

Because if these sleeves can help you lift heavy without feeling crippled for days after. 

Be used by world champions and record holders. And help firefighters save more lives…

These sleeves are WORLD CLASS!

It's as if they were blessed by Odin himself.

The Norse Sleeves are perfect for anyone to use.

It doesn't matter if you have big, small, short, tall, thick, and thin knees. 

I've made sure to get every size possible so anyone can use the Norse Sleeves.

You and I know there are certain things out there today that you can't put a price tag on.

With your health being the most important.

As you probably already know: If you wanted knee sleeves today, you could expect to pay upwards of $100. 

Sometimes for just ONE sleeve. 

Look, I don't want you to have to pay that for the Norse Sleeves.

Even charging $80 might be justified. 

Because of the amount of confidence, support, and stability you're gonna be getting with each rep.

But, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing that the average person couldn't afford something that could be so valuable.

So I'm offering you the Norse Sleeves at a price that anyone could justify.

My friends and family thought I was crazy for making them so affordable. 

Especially with all the research and development that went into creating these sleeves.

But they didn't get the postcard from a soldier deployed in Africa. 

Who was thanking me for helping him move again and giving him a second wind.

Once I discovered that this was bigger than me, and that people's lives were on the line...

I decided to go against my manufacturers, friends, and family advice and... 

Make the Norse Sleeves available for anyone who wanted to lift heavy without feeling crippled for just $58.

I want you to experience this firsthand. And be able to lift heavy without feeling crippled for days after.

I know this was a massive game-changer for me and I know it would be for you as well.

And if you're still on the fence about making the leap…

I'll be including our...

PR Performance Guarantee

Which is broken down into 2 parts...

Part 1: Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You'll have a full 30 days to take the Norse Sleeves out for a test drive to see if they're a perfect fit for you.

We want you to lift in them. And experience firsthand that they live up to the hype.

You can squat in them. Run in them. Or wear them all day if you want.

If the Norse Sleeves don't work out for you, keep 'em. 

That's our gift to you.

And we'll give you a full 100% refund.

Just shoot us an email and my customer service team will get you hooked up.

Part 2: Your PR Guarantee

We'll give you a full refund if you don't hit a new PR in the next 30 days while wearing the sleeves.

You'll also get to keep the sleeves.

We're that confident you'll love our Norse sleeves.


Now It's Time For A Decision

From the outside looking in...

You have 3 options.

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and continue dealing with this agonizing pain.

If you have iron-clad knees that help you shoot out of the hole and feel stable 24/7. 

Don't change a single thing to your training routine.

Because maybe you don't need the Norse sleeves.

But if you'd like to lift heavy without that blowout feeling, that leaves you with two other options...

Option #2: Shop around, praying that you don't waste your money.

You can try all the different brands out there from the king's ransom expensive types or the dirt cheap ones.

Hoping that one day you'll find the right pair... 

While switching from pair to pair because they don't work or fall apart.

Leaving you on a wallet-draining quest to find functional sleeves that will support and stabilize your knees.

If you're willing to gamble your hard-earned money. 

Have a bag full of smelly sleeves that are not worth sending back...

And to be blunt: Waste your time. Don't try the third option.

Option #3: Let me hand you the solution!

I've searched the globe to see what works and what doesn't.

I've worked with some of the world's best athletes to help create the perfect sleeves for you.

Which has proven to help give champions, record holders, and everyday heroes the winning edge they need.

7mm Knee Sleeves

Regular price$58.00
Tax included.


The Norse Sleeves come in a pair when delivered to your doorstep. Inside your package, you'll get sleeves for both knees.

The Norse Knee Sleeves are used and trusted by the pros. The same pros who squat 700+ lbs in training and competitions. It doesn't matter if you do Strongman, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Crossfit, these sleeves will help support, protect, and stabilize your knees. The sleeves can handle the weight no problem. They're designed to help you lift more without pain.

Yes, the 7mm knee sleeves are approved for competition use by the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) and the International Powerlifting League (IPA).

We have every size you will need ranging from X-Small to XXX-Large. You can use the size chart to choose the best size. 

Both work. But if you want to get the maximum support and benefits of the knee sleeves, it's best to wear them under your pants. You will want to have as much skin-to-skin contact as possible to get maximum protection, support, and stability. 

These are built to last even in your washer. You can throw them in the wash to clean. It's best to air dry them after they've been through the wash. Doing this will help them come out smelling fresh while still being durable and ready to use for your next workout.