The Perfect Wrist Wraps for Beginners and Intermediate Lifters That Allows You to Avoid Pain and Lift Heavier Weights

Berserkr Wraps (Level 1)
Berserkr Wraps (Level 1)
Berserkr Wraps (Level 1)
Berserkr Wraps (Level 1)
Berserkr Wraps (Level 1)

Berserkr Wraps (Level 1)

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This Is What Real Customers Are Saying About The Berserkr Wraps

I have wrist pain from certain upper body workouts (previous injury years ago) that have since been non-existence since using these!

Rebecca R.

Fantastic wraps they provide incredible stabilization.

Anthony A.

I have tried several types of wrist wraps and the Berserker wraps are the best I have found.

Sam S. 

The Berserkr Wraps are amazing. Very strong material and lots of extra support. Great for cleans and push press!

Joseph M.

2 years have passed with these wraps and they are just as good as day 1 with them.

J Kruez 

Durable Wraps That Provide An Ideal Amount of Support

Berserkr Wraps were designed to be worn by anyone and to be used for every workout.

It doesn't matter if you're doing Bodybuilding, Crossfit, or Weightlifting, these wraps will help improve your game.

They are made from a "medium" grade material that can be worn for longer periods of time without cutting off the circulation in your hands.

You won't have to worry about adjusting your wraps during a high-intensity set.

This lighter compression is versatile and can be used for various exercises such as bench press, front squats, kettlebell swings, and more.


Designed to be Used By Anyone Who Wants to Protect Their Wrists During Intense Training Sessions

It's inevitable for your wrists to be pulled into excessive extension under load. The wraps will help relieve this uncomfortable tension.

Because of the extra weight when lifting, it's easier for proper lifting technique to go out the window. This could result in you getting hurt or failing the lift (which is the last thing you want).

That's where the Berserkr Wraps come to save the day. They keep your wrists protected so you can execute the lift at your full potential.


Are Wrist Wraps Essential to Workout?

Obviously, you don’t technically need wraps to get stronger or to build muscle.

However, you’ll be grateful to have a set because it will enhance your performance.

This will allow you to optimize your technique beyond what you’re capable of without the wraps.

If you're serious about getting jacked and juicy, then wrist wraps should be one of the first pieces of equipment that you add to your training arsenal.


This Is What The Berserkr Wraps

Will Do For You

  • Stabilize wrists so you can press heavier weight
  • Prevent injury by keeping your wrists secure
  • Reduce pressure on bones and joints to help avoid injury
  • Target specific muscle groups while lifting


Premium Quality That Will Outlast

The Hardest Workouts 

  • 18" Durable material
  • Heavy-duty velcro
  • Reinforced thumb loop
  • Optimal compression
  • Long-lasting double stitching

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

There are a lot of bullshit fitness products on the market.

Companies that make big claims that they can't back up.

It's normal to be skeptical about trying a new product.

That's why we are going to let you try out the Berserkr Wraps for thirty days.

We want you to be 110% happy with your purchase.

Give 'em hell and decide if they are beneficial to you.

If you decide after a few weeks that you don't like the wraps, then no problem.

Just shoot us an email and we will give you a full refund.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.