World Serpent Tank (LIMITED)

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This was the second design created for Norse Fitness back in 2015.

It was inspired by Jörmungandr, the serpent in Norse mythology that grew so large that it could encircle all of Midgard and grasp its tail in its teeth.

Jörmungandr is a representation of eternity and endless return, as well as the unity of time’s beginning and end.

In the center of the serpent is the Valknut which is meant to symbolize power.

It can be used as a reminder to reconsider how we view each moment that passes.

A Tank Top That You Can Wear With Honor

Every Norse Fitness tank top is made with a purpose in mind.

We want you to feel a sense of empowerment when you put it on.

It's important for the clothing to be the best quality, that way you can be proud to wear it.

That's why we made sure to cover every detail to ensure the final product was durable but still comfortable.

This tank top is made from 100% ringspun cotton that fits great without being too tight.

Ringspun cotton is made by twisting and thinning the cotton strands to make a very fine, strong, soft cotton rope. This unique process creates a fabric that is more durable and lasts longer than regular cotton clothing.

All of the fabric is laundered, which means it undergoes a controlled process during manufacturing where the fabric is preshrunk and then made into a garment to stop further shrinkage once in use. This means that you don't have to worry about it shrinking too much once dried.

  • 100% airlume combed and ringspun cotton
  • Unisex sizing
  • Retail fit
  • Side seams

You’re Backed by Our 30-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

The issue with buying clothing online is that you can't try it on before purchasing it.

We understand your concerns and want you to be happy with your purchase.

That way, you can wear your new shirt with confidence and feel like a champion.

If you are not happy with the fit for some reason, we will gladly get that swapped out for you FREE of charge.

Just shoot us an email, and we will get you hooked up.