Samhain Deadlift Challenge

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For thousands of years, your ancestors held celebrations with the turning of every season.

This was an extremely powerful event directed towards death and rebirth.

The Gaelic people would hold massive fires on October 31st to symbolize the victory of light and a renewal of the soul.

It was an opportunity to cast your weaknesses into the great flames and be reborn. You were now stronger and better than your previous self.

I have always viewed this as very powerful and crucial for self-improvement.

Which is why we are hosting our own Samhain festival on October 31st BUT with a Norse twist.

We are going to hold a deadlift challenge in front of 6 massive fires.

You will be surrounded by your tribe and we will push you to abolish all of your internal weaknesses.

I know this already sounds extremely fucking cool but it gets even better…

We will have food, drinks, and music (it’s also a full moon that night).

This is a competition against yourself, not other people.

So it does not matter if you just started lifting or maybe you’ve been doing it for years.

Everyone will benefit from this unique experience.

Here’s the catch…

I am only allowing 25 people to sign up because I want it to run smoothly.

Don’t feel like competing? No problem!

This is a free event for spectators.

So grab your family and friends and come hang out!


$30 Competitor Fee (event shirt included)


Top placements will be determined using an allometric scaling system. More details available here:

- Pick the weight up and put it back down
- Sumo stance is allowed
- No hitching
- Straps and chalk are optional

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