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This program is excellent for people that are trying to build muscle and put on size.

We will start you off with some prep work to get specific muscles firing. 

After you’re warmed up, it’s time to grab a barbell and start adding some weight!

The first movement is a compound exercise to target a specific muscle group.

After you dominate some heavy reps, we transition into accessory work to hit that specific area in different ways.



Want to get stronger but also lose some weight? The Ulfhednar program is for you.

You’re going to start this program with a light warm-up to help you avoid injury.

After you’re feeling good, we move into the main movement. This is done with a barbell or kettlebell and moderate weight.

Then you’re going to do a few sets of accessory work to help build up the target muscle group.

Now it’s time to burn some calories! This is accomplished with fast-paced circuits to get your heart rate up and metabolism soaring.

Last but not least, we finish up with some conditioning. This will help you build endurance, increases flexibility, and establishes a balanced physique.



Just because you don’t have access to workout equipment doesn’t mean you’re doomed.

For this program we use effective calisthenics exercises and combine them with some band work that will give you a solid workout.

You're going utilize your bodyweight as a means to maximize human power and athletic ability.



Norse Army is awesome. Im currently doing the Ulfhednar training and it is on a whole new level and this had brought new life into my workouts.

Joshua J

Ashley & Jeremy are quick respond any questions about the workouts or your form. The workouts are awesome. Very well put together and I am the strongest I have ever been in just 5 months of joining the Norse Army.

Corey C

These workouts honestly kick my ass! The workouts get loaded ahead of time and there’s always instructions on how to do the workouts. Makes it easier for a lifting rookie like myself to understand the exercises and get stronger.

Shane S

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