Joshua Eyer passed away from injuries after being shot in the line of duty on April 29th. We are organizing this deadlift competition to celebrate his life and legacy. This event aims to provide support for his wife and son, with all proceeds directly benefiting his family. 



Date: Saturday, June 29th, 2024

Location: Norse Compound Gym

Time: 10:00 AM




We will start with 135 pounds on the bar and increase the weight in 25-pound increments. Each competitor will have three attempts to deadlift and can join in when their desired weight is on the bar. If you need to warm up, a separate platform will be set up specifically for that purpose. Please remember that this event is a celebration of Josh’s life, and our goal is to raise money for his wife and son. We appreciate your participation and support. Let’s come together to honor Josh and make this event a triumphant success.