Improve Your Athletic Performance With These 5 Elements

Improve Your Athletic Performance With These 5 Elements

For every method in strength training, there is a variation and alternative that best suits the lifter based on their ability. Unfortunately, there are also methods, when done exclusively, have little carry-over to form and function. Are you training optimally?

Specialization has its benefits, but becoming one dimensional can also have some serious consequences. In the pursuit of strength, one of the most common mistakes is ignoring the bigger picture, and avoiding movements that benefit overall athleticism - mostly because it’s really fucking difficult.

Can you run a mile in under 10 minutes? Can you run a mile? Can you…run?

What about an unassisted bodyweight pull-up, or a set of 20 push-ups?

When’s the last time you did kettlebell swings until your lungs burned?

Imagine you could wake up tomorrow with two options: An above-average number on one lift, or reaching your overall athletic potential. Which would you choose?

Ideally, the goal is to train for both: form AND function. Strength is irrelevant if you’re out of shape. And likewise, if you can do 100 sit-ups but can’t squat below parallel, there’s an imbalance here.

Re-evaluate your training constantly. The most effective method for training will always emphasize both strength AND conditioning, which means doing the movements that you NEED to do, not just the ones you want to do.

An ideal training session will comprise of these main elements:

Strength (Compound Lifts)
Hypertrophy (Muscle Fatigue)
Core and Conditioning (Bodyweight movement, elevated heart rate)
Accessories (Isolation Movements targeting weak areas)

Attack each element with the same intensity to optimize your training, reaching your potential for both form and function.

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