3 Essential Rules for Weight Loss

Healthy Indulgences
Want to have your cake and eat it, too? Create a mindful strategy for enjoying guilt-free treats.

To splurge or not to splurge? That is the perennial weight-loss question. Should you allow for occasional indulgences in your healthy-eating program, or say a firm “no” out of fear they will sabotage your results? Once you start a new regimen, it can be scary to stray from it. So how can you navigate the path of progress without veering into perfectionism? Here’s some professional counsel.

Differentiate Between Everyday Eats and Indulgences

“I had pizza last night — I know it’s bad!” As a...

What is the Norse Mentality?

There seems to be a misconception among the general public that the Norse were brutes who only desired to dominate other peoples. While the typical Norseman could be an absolute brute, an absolute brute is not all he was. The average Norseman also understood the value of sacrifice to enable a better future and the courage and self-discipline required to see it through. 

It was near impossible to simply murder your way to the top of the typical Norse social structure. If all you did was murder, then all you would ever be is a murderer, and that’s clearly not...