Lessons of The Past

Lessons of The Past

Thanksgiving marks a brief time of year where people look to the past to reflect upon their lives and appreciate all that they have.  It’s also a time for people to examine their history to see what has lead their society and culture to its current juncture - to not only be proud of the highs but also acknowledge and learn from the lows.  

To be aware of your people’s history and learn from it is to be strong.  Unfortunately, there are far too many individuals who refuse to do so; they willingly pull the wool over their eyes and believe they are so enlightened that they have nothing to learn from their forebears.  They believe the misdeeds committed by previous generations completely invalidates the totality of their history.  

What they fail to comprehend is they have those same ancestors to thank for the comfortable lives they live.  It wasn’t complacency and weakness that brought these individuals into a world of comforts and nihilism but pure strength of will, a set of deeply held morals and convictions, and a complete refusal to accept the idea that life can’t be better.  

Rather than taking the time to formulate their own coherent thoughts and ideas, these people sit on their thrones of ignorance and repost articles written by people with an agenda to push about how unacceptably evil their ancestors were and see that as reason enough to disrespect and ignore their history and culture.  Generally speaking, their superiority complexes aren’t justified.

This isn’t to say you should remain ignorant to the mistakes of the past.  It is just as unacceptable to be oblivious to them.  You can’t let the victories of the past leave you blinded with pride because the hard truth is that the human race is capable of great evil.  It resides within us all and does not discriminate based on race or ethnicity.  Accepting this will leave you feeling humbled but not defeated.

All things considered, do not reject your own people’s history.  It will set you back and leave you with no compass to guide yourself through the world.  Without this compass, you will easily fall into a spell of complacency and find yourself generally unsatisfied with your life. Be proud but remain humble.

Written by: Brendan Beaulieu