How to Start Living With Purpose

Written By: Tim Williams
In 2017, we as the human race have one common goal: convenience. An endless quest to make our lives easier. The privilege of the modern age makes us disconnected and weak. I think of having to start a fire when I want to get warm. I think of how I choose everyday to drive to the gym and lift weights. I think of people dying in hospital beds of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. I think of boredom. I think of inaction. We live in privilege. We live in a world of unnatural death. To buy, watch, obey, and to line up in swarms to feed from the trough. Our lives are lines to our coffins.

We use our bank accounts as social hammers, our knees and backs crack with untrained joints. We are a weak and lost under the light of progression. We base our worth around our possessions. Everything in our lives exists as social trophies. Everything is for status, not survival. Our hands are soft.

We kill ourselves slowly because we are bored and we have lost our connection to the natural world. We choose to chain our animalistic nature. In this choice, we weaken ourselves. We are unprepared. We were born to die in hospitals. Dishonorable death waits for us. So many of us live to work to make someone else rich. We fall into sedentary life. We keep ourselves there. We keep ourselves weak.

It’s harder now than ever to maintain our union with the true world. We must force it on ourselves. We no longer live in a culture where our animalistic nature is celebrated. We must not cage ourselves within society.

Be the wolf, do not wear the shock collar of the world. Bite the hands that control.




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